New year, new site.

Hi there. Things are crazy right now so here’s a quick post to tide y’all over until I can really get into everything that’s been going on this past month. It’s been a whirlwind!

Things are good.  I’m living with a host family in my new site but I found a house so after a few repairs I’ll be moving in soon, yay! For now I’m just trying to get things rolling on the water system there while still trying to help out with the project in my old site. The good news is that about US$7,000 of materials (about 1/4 of the entire project) were delivered there yesterday so La Guamita is about to start digging trenches and laying the pipeline! A big shout out to my PCVL (third year volunteer for my sector) who has taken on the on-the-ground part of the project since I can no longer be in the site. We met up in the big city last week to spend some pesos on PVC pipes, picks, shovels, etc and he’s going there tomorrow to get started on construction. I’m also finishing up all the prep and planning for the new project (I’ve spent a total of less than 2 weeks in this new site and managed to do what took 3+ months for my first project… I guess building aqueducts really does get easier the more you do it!) and finally got the budget sent off today to a Mormon group who plans to buy the materials for the project. So now we wait for materials and work on community organization, although this community is way more on top of things than either of the other communities I’ve worked in and I have 2 other volunteers working with me so things are looking to go a lot smoother this time around. That is very promising since really, in the scheme of Peace Corps, I should be cruising at this point and closing out projects rather than starting a huge new one! It all depends on when we receive the materials for the project but at this point I’m hoping to be stateside for good (or at least for a while) sometime this summer. So that’s that. I’ll send more details, pictures, etc when I can. Hope all is well at home!



2 thoughts on “New year, new site.

  1. I am sorry I missed your calls today – just hearing your voice on voice mail makes me smile broadly!!! You sound like you are doing your wonderful Ellen thing – making lemonade with the combination of lemons and positive things that have been coming your way. I can’t wait to see some pictures so I can imagine you in your new site. Keep in touch and keep doing good work and have some fun! xoxo M

  2. Hi Ellen! This is from your Aunt Susan using RAG’s iPad! Good to hear your positive report of the beginning of the New Year. Your grandma, Patrick, and I continue two be awed by your resiliency! Love and hugs, Susan

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